Glenfirra of Langholm
Restoration Estimates
All figurines will be checked on arrival and a catalogue of how they have arrived and in what condition, detailing number of pieces, packaging etc., will be made.

A proper assessment of work needing done, the quality of repair to expect with an exact cost, will then be sent to the owner within one week of receiving the item .

Estimates will be free and without obligation to the owner.

If the work is to proceed then it will be our intention, in most instances, to complete the work within four working weeks of customer agreement to proceed.

It will then be up to the customer on receipt of our written estimate to either formally instruct us to proceed with the repair or to return the figurine unrestored.

The customer will be expected to pay the cost of shipping the figurine to and from the studio.

It is advisable for the customer to ensure that their own insurance covers the shipping to and from our studio of their figurine. Obviously whilst we have the item in our possession it will be covered by our own company insurance specially set up for this purpose as will the return journey.

Payment can be made by cheque or by cash. Cheques should be made payable to "Glenfirra of Langholm". If our written quotation for repair is accepted then we normally expect customers to send the agreed amount to reach us within 14 days.

Glenfirra will use Business Post to return all repaired Figurines - unless a specific request for another method is made by the owner.
Glenfirra of Langholm - Official repairers of Border Fine Arts
Glenfirra of Langholm - Official repairers of Border Fine Arts
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The only OFFICIAL Repairers & Restorers of Border Fine Arts Figurines Worldwide